Meet Banjo Morton and others from Ampilatwatja
A remote community in central Australia.

In 1949, Banjo Morton, and six other Aboriginal stockmen, forced the owners of the vast Lake Nash cattle station in the Northern Territory to pay him and other Aboriginal stockmen one pound a month when he led a walk-off from there. The walk off was a win for Banjo and the other Aboriginal stockmen as it was the first time they were paid in wages and not rations. Little is known about this walk-off which was an important part of Australian history. Sixty years later Banjo leads another walk-off, this time from Ampilatwatja, a settlement in central Australias red desert country, where his Alyawarr people say they have been treated as outcasts and isolated from white mans decision-making under the 2007 federal indigenous intervention.

Banjo’s walk-offs have inspired filmmaker Lara Damiani to create an interactive documentary film project that will provide insight into the past and present of the people of Ampilatwatja – a remote Indigenous community in central Australia.