Supporting the film
July 5, 2014
We’re going interactive !
April 13, 2015

Project Update

Firstly, I’m excited to announce that Karen Downs, daughter of Richard Downs (Banjo’s nephew) has agreed to narrate the film. I watched eagerly as Karen posted pictures of her recent trip out to Ampilatwatja – the first in 11 years – to reconnect with her family there. I was so inspired I contacted Karen to see if she’d like to tell Banjo’s story and narrate the film. Karen, who lives in Perth, and is making great success in her career with BHP, embodies the connection I’ve wanted to make between urban Australia and remote Indigenous Australia.

Second – I’m also excited to announce that I’ve started exploring opportunities to turn Banjo’s film into an interactive documentary project. This offers a non-linear way to share all the stories, images, audio, archival material and more. It means a lot more work but I think this is just the kind of story (or stories rather)  that really lend themselves to this sort of platform. I’ve made contact with some filmmakers in the US and Canada who’ve created really awesome and inspiring i-docs and hope to learn from them !

And finally, Richard’s been living and working out in Ampilatwatja now and there’s a website that will soon be launched which will promote the community and the work Richard and others are doing out there to try and find a better way of running the community than has currently been happening under the government framework. I think there are some great things that may come out of this and of course, hope to document this for the purpose of the film/s.