We’re going interactive !

Project Update
September 21, 2014

We’re going interactive !

I’m really excited to announce that Banjo’s story will become part of an exciting interactive documentary project. An interactive documentary differs from a traditional documentary in that it applies a comprehensive suite of multimedia tools in an interactive platform. An example of a great interactive documentary that has inspired me is Hollow, produced by Elaine McMillion Sheldon

This platform provides the ideal basis to share Banjo’s story as well as the full complement of other stories, audio components, visual components, archival material and other elements we’ll be producing in conjunction with Banjo and the Ampilatwatja community.

I hope that this interactive documentary will not only highlight the historical significance of Banjo’s two walk-offs and provide the recognition these events deserve, but will become an important part of curriculum in Australian schools.

I believe this project, in the form of an interactive documentary, has huge potential to reach large audiences not only in Australia but around the world, both in schools and educational institutions and the general public as well. I look forward to keeping you updated as things progress !

Image from http://www.docnextnetwork.org.